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Talent Solutions is a recruitment agency hiring personnel of all nationalities world wide.
About our company
We are a company oriented for providing world-class staff to major international events and solid companies. Seeking for genuine Talents give our Clients perfect Solutions due to our effective search methodology! Currently we hire personnel to Middle East countries, particularly Saudia Arabia.
Our services
Providing Talents
We make great efforts to provide only high-quality professionals to our Clients. Our consultants apply effective search methodology.
Strict –°onfidentiality is considered while keeping search process.
Our massive Data Base contains professionals from whatever corner of the world. People of any nationalities are welcome provided that they have respectful qualifacations.
24/7 Assistance
For us it is utmost importance to render assistance for both Clients and Customers. Our consultants are reachable at any time 24/7. Since the personnel arrived at its destination the story is not over. Our Customers are very welcome to contact us whether any question arise in the future.
All Inclusive
Customers should not worry as the fligths
(both directions), visa, accomodation, food allowance, taxi allowance (depending on the contract), insurance are paid by the company.
Individual Approach
We are making all efforts not only for searching but for preparing candidates as well. Owing to the requested position and any special requirements we do individual trainings for the staff.
Feedbacks of our customers
Everything was at a high level from very beginning. Thanks to TS for provided assistance before and during the contract at Riyadh Season.
Restaurant Manager
I really appreciate TS work. The organization was done at a very high level. Thank you for your commitment, professionalism. Looking forward to new openings!
Thank you very much for this great opportunity! It was my first work experience in Saudi Arabia. I had everything I wanted there. I just can`t wait to get back!
Head Waiter
Just perfect! We will never regret getting recruited by Talent Solutions. Thank you for your kindness, for taking care of every single detail. This is what is called a personal approach.
Yana and Misha
Talents We Provide
We assist and support our clients to develop their business fast and successfully
Top and Middle Managers
From our data base we can provide the best professionals as:

- General manager
- Restaurant Manager
- Supervisor
- Head Reservation Manager
- Bar Manager
A highly motivated and experienced staff for your business:

- Head Waiter
- Waiter
- Runner
- Bartender / Mixologist
- Receptionist / Hostess

Proffessional kitchen staff from all over the
world experienced in high end cuisine:

- Executive Chef
- Sous Chef
- Commis Chef
- Pastry & Bakery Chef
Our Clients
If you are interested in becoming a Client, please feel free to write us.
+380 93 023 57 53
+380 93 926 17 99
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